Who Invented Welding?

Welding is a fabrication process used to join metals or thermoplastics using high heat to melt the parts together and join through a fusion process. While most people know a little about the welding process, you may be wondering who invented welding? The welding process has had a long history. Forge welding processes used by blacksmiths for years have evolved into a variety of methods including using lasers.

Nikolay Gavrilovich Slavyanov

Who Invented Welding?

When asked who invented welding, the most popular answer would be Nikolay Gavrilovich Slavyanov, in the late 1880s. The basic concept behind welding had been used long before his time. However, he introduced arc welding with consumable metal electrodes, which is the basis for current welding. Carbon arc welding was invented by Nikolay Benardos but it was Slavyanov who first made practical use of arc welding. What Slavyanov termed “electric casting of metals” would be a similar process to what is now commonly known as arc welding.

A Brief History of Welding

There’s lots of history before his invention that helped him along and significant advances made after that are worth noting.


Prior to the arc welding process in 1801, Sir Humphry Davy discovered the short-pulse electrical arc. This would become a main component in the arc welding process. Shortly after Vasily Petrov expounded on this research and created a continuous electric arc. While not originally designed just for melting metals, it was listed as one of the many possible uses of the invention.


Throughout the 1900’s more inventors used a variety of electrode options to perfect the arc, making it more stable. During this time period welding saw improvement in leaps and bounds with the development of resistance welding, thermite welding, and the discovery of acetylene. New processes in welding and more efficient ways to do it saw a major surge during World War I as countries raced to produce and repair ships, planes, and military vehicles.

Many inventors from across the world helped to build on and perfect the welding processes that are commonly used today. Connect with us to learn more about our portable welding services we offer or to discuss your next project.