Where is MIG Welding Used?

Have you ever wondered, where is MIG welding used? Short for metal inert gas welding, the process involves joining pieces of melted metal using electricity. It is considered one of the best options for strong welds, which is why it is so popular in certain industries.

However, there are some industries that more commonly utilize it than others. Keep reading to learn the answer to the question, where is MIG welding used?

Where is MIG Welding Used?

man welding in a shop

While there are a ton of different niches that use this technique, there are a few that seem to rely on it more than others. The most common industries that utilize MIG welding are the automotive, construction, high production manufacturing, aerospace, railroad, and shipping sectors.


One of the most common ways car manufacturers join various pieces of sheet metal together to build a car includes the MIG welding process. Not only is it easy, but it is also usually the most effective option.


In heavy construction, MIG welding is often used to join multiple pieces of steel together. This is most common in large commercial construction projects, such as high-rise buildings.

High Production Manufacturing

The coolest part about MIG welding is that there are no size limits on where it can be used. Thus, it is a common part of manufacturing everything from computer components to extra large machinery.


As one might expect, the aerospace industry regularly utilizes MIG welding as part of the production process. Welds are generally what hold important components of planes, helicopters, and other items together.


Have you ever wondered how railroad tracks come together? Usually, it is through a process related to MIG welding called shot welding that holds giant pieces of iron together to form the track system.


The shipping industry is incredibly dependent on boats, barges, and other container carriers. Guess what? All of these items are composed of MIG welds. Without this process, there would be a massive shortage of vessels to move products from one continent to another.

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