What Welding Rod Do I Use?

What welding rod do I use is a common question among those in the world of welding. Knowing the rod type is critical as different rods will have different minimum tensile strengths, different positions they can be used for, different coating types, and different current requirements. Determining the right rod will help you to better gain the desired results you are looking for. Below you will see some of the common rod types and how they differ from each other.

What Welding Rod Do I Use?

What welding rod do I use? E6000s Electrodes

To answer the question of what welding rod do I use, you may first want to start with a group of electrodes in the 6000 series. These electrodes are popular for use with a number of materials, weld types, and penetration levels. You can see below a few characteristics to determine if they will be the right option for the job.

  • E6010: These require DC power sources and are often chosen for their ability to penetrate deeply, especially on material coated in rust or paint. They are all-position electrodes, feature a tight arc, and are commonly used for root welding on pipes.
  • E6011: Another all-position electrode, the E6011, can be used with AC. It also produces deep penetration for unclean materials and is often used in place of an E6010 when a DC power source is not available.
  • E6012: This type of electrode produces a more shallow penetration, making it ideal for welding gaps between joints.
  • E6013: An electrode with moderate penetration, the E6013 has a softer arc and less spatter but should only be used on new clean metal.

What welding rod do I use? E7000s Electrodes

Another consideration to make when asking what welding rod do I use is looking at 7000 series electrode options.

  • E7014: This electrode works best with low-alloy or canon steels as it contains more iron powder.
  • E7018: Known for its ease-of-use, the E7018 has a high powder content and thick flux. It is most often used for thick welds on structural steel. It can form a strong weld even in lower temperatures.
  • E7024: Best used on steel plates at least 1/4″ thick, E7024 electrodes have a lot of iron powder, which causes an increased deposition rate.

If you are looking for how to answer what welding rod do I use, consider the properties of the electrodes above. And if you need welding services, Marvel’s Portable Welding is here to help. Contact MPW today to inquire about our services.