What is the Difference Between MIG & TIG Welding?

MIG and TIG welding are two popular welding methods.

Both MIG and TIG welding have been used in industrial and household applications for over half a century. The processes have several similarities as well as a few distinguishing differences.

Welding Basics

Both MIG and TIG use an electrical arc that produces the right amount of heat to create a weld pool in the parent metals. Filler metal is then used to weld the two-parent metals together.

The other major similarity between the two types of welding is the use of shielding gas to protect the heat-affected zone and keep the weld clear of contaminates.

While the basics of MIG and TIG welding are the same, the intricacies of each process are what make the welding practices unique.

Main Differences

One of the key differences between MIG and TIG welding is indicated in the name. Metal Inert Gas welding uses a consumable wire as the electrode, fed through the welding gun, where it is consumed to build up the weld quickly and easily. The weld is shielded most commonly by carbon dioxide, which is more affordable than the other gas options.

TIG welding or Tungsten Inert Gas welding uses a tungsten electrode attached to the welding gun using a collet. In TIG welding, the tungsten electrode is not consumed—the welder can either apply filler metal separately or weld without filler metal. The shielding gas, in this case, is most commonly argon, although gas mixtures can be used when welding specific metals.

Applications for MIG and TIG Welding

Both MIG and TIG welding can be used in industrial and household applications, although TIG welding is often used on thinner metals and when more precision is needed. MIG welding is most often used for building and mining applications, pipe fitting, large industrial and outdoor jobs. TIG welding, on the other hand, is more commonly used in the automotive industry or in aerospace and marine applications where aluminum is often the material of choice.

Portable Welding for any Application

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