What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication is the process raw materials go through to produce structures and machines.

The process involves burning, cutting, forming, welding, and assembly. The products produced from the metal fabrication process are varied, ranging from heavy equipment & machinery to hand railings. The following sub-sectors utilize custom metal fabrication extensively:

  • Nut, screw, and bolt manufacturing
  • Forging and stamping
  • Hardware manufacturing
  • Cutlery and hand tools
  • Spring and wire manufacturing
  • Architectural and structural metals

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

The product development process can use the help of custom fabrication services in all its stages. The custom services mentioned below are helpful for component assembly support projects or complete production run of products.

  • Custom design services
  • Custom build services
  • Finishing and assembly services

Custom Design ServicesMetal Bending

The planning and design stages in the manufacturing process are crucial. Planning appropriately and having suitable designs prevents structural weaknesses in custom metal parts, improper dimensions, or other quality compromising features. Optimal results can be achieved through custom design services such as; custom part conceptualizing, computer-aided design of the custom parts, and designing custom production tools.

Custom Build Services

The production process of custom metal parts begins after the completion of the design and planning stage. The suitable fabrication method to be selected depends on the geometry of the custom part(s), the intended use of the custom product(s), and the raw materials used in fabrication. The micro-processes involved in custom metal fabrication include welding, punching, turning, milling, drilling, drawing, casting, extrusion, and forging.

Custom Finishing and Assembly Services

Secondary finishing treatments are sometimes required for custom metal products to achieve intended specifications. Two or more components may require assembly services to create one functional unit. Adhesive bonding, screwing, grinding, bolting, riveting, painting, and sawing are some of the secondary finishing treatments.

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