What are the Different Hydraulic Fittings?

Hydraulic fittings are necessary to combine several portions of a hydraulic system. They are used not only when the system is set up and installed but also when pieces of the system break down because of corrosion or if the system needs other repairs.

Fitting designs have evolved over several years to account for the need for various products and convenience of replacement. So, what are the different hydraulic fittings? Which fitting works best for your project?

hydraulic fittings

What Are the Different Hydraulic Fittings?

O-Ring Face Seal Fittings

An O-Ring fitting is designed for high-pressure fluid power applications. They provide leak-tight connections that are necessary for very high-pressure systems.

They come in several variations, including:

  • SEA straight-thread O-ring boss fittings
  • Face seal or flat face O-right fittings
  • O-ring flange fittings

The type you may need will vary based on location, clearance, and individual preference. Flange connections are most common when using tubing that has greater than a 7/8-in diameter.

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fittings

These hydraulic fittings are specifically designed to avoid or prevent corrosion, such as from saltwater, food processing, chemical sprayers, or fertilizer applications.

Specialty fittings also fall under this general category, including FLARE-O Hydraulic Fittings. These fittings are specifically designed to give an exceptionally tight seal. They provide a leak-proof, drop-in replacement for SAE 37 Degree Flared Tube Fittings.

Brass Fittings

Brass fittings are most often used to address instrumentation and hydraulic automotive needs. They work well for lower-pressure applications, such as in brakes, fuel, and other auto applications.

Common Hydraulic Fitting Types

Within these general categories of fittings, you will see several type variations, including:

  • NPT/NPTF: The most commonly used thread in North America
  • BSPT (JIS-PT): British Thread Type
  • Metric Taper: Commonly used in Europe
  • JIS-B2351: Often used in Japan or Korea
  • DIN Metric: German Standard

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