The History (and Future) of Welding

Quite possibly the world’s oldest inventions – here is the history of welding!

Looking back on the history of welding, it’s one of the world’s oldest innovations. Although, it is only within the last 200 years or so that the art of welding has undergone some major technological advances. Between the discovery of acetylene in 1836 and the development of stud welding in 1930, welders quickly went from making pipes and ship hulls to fighter jets and high-speed trains.

And now that laser welding has made inroads into the industry, allowing for automation of ever more delicate work, like computer processing chips, the possibilities seem nearly endless.

Welding in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Some of the major developments in the world of welding include:

  • 1831: The invention of the first electric generator, allowing welders to more easily work on larger projects.
  • 1836: The discovery of acetylene, which, when combined with oxygen, produces an ultra-hot flame that can fuse two metals together.
  • 1887: Arc welding was patented, and soon provided one of the primary manufacturing methods for World War I weaponry, including bombs, land mines, and torpedoes.
  • 1919: Alternating current was invented, again expanding the means by which welders could hone their craft.
  • 1930: The stud welding method was developed, which provided shipbuilders and construction yards with a cost-efficient way to create ultra-strong seams.
  • 1948: The Ohio State University became the first American college or university to offer a degree in welding engineering.

Today’s Welding Technologies The History (and Future) of Welding

Stud welding, arc welding, and gas welding all still hold important places in this industry. But over the last several decades, lasers and computer programs have completely changed the welding landscape. By using laser beams to join highly specialized and fragile components, many of which are barely visible to the naked eye, welders can work on the frontlines of some of today’s most exciting developments, including aerospace and defense applications.

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