The Basics of MIG Welding

Portable MIG welders are popular for home DIY’ers and small or large manufacturers that find MIG welding suitable for a large range of applications.

A MIG or Metal Inert Gas welding machines will use a spool of solid wire (usually steel) that is fed from a machine to make contact with the MIG gun.

How It Works

The basics of MIG welding are simple. The tip of the MIG gun is heated with an electrical charge. When the welder pulls the welding gun trigger, the heat will melt the spooled wire at the contact location to produce a puddle at the base metal. The inert gas (helium or argon) inside the welding gun will also flow to prevent the weld puddle from reacting too quickly with elements in the atmosphere. MIG welding produces a controlled reaction where the molten wire, heated by electricity passing from the gun tip, and protected by a gaseous vapor, has time to create a solid bond with the base metal before the entire area cools down.


MIG welders can be automatic using robotic welding arms or semiautomatic where the welder operates the MIG gun and assists in created a good weld pool. Semiautomatic is when an operator holds the MIG gun and manipulates the weld pool – making sure a good bead is laid down and that the applied bead is uniform. MIG welding is used in many industries from custom fabrications to construction and automotive or boat repairs.


  • MIG is fast moving to get more done, quicker
  • Portable MIG welders are suitable for at-home repairs, mechanics, hobbies
  • Virtually no clean-up is required and is easy to learn
  • Welds aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel

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