How Does Welding Work?

How does welding work? This is a common question for those looking for a way to join metals and thermoplastics to create a final product or structure. Welding is a fabrication process that utilizes the melting of a filler material to help join together points of a structure or an object to create a final piece. There are multiple techniques used for welding. The type of method you choose will largely depend on the material being welded. The strength of the bond needed to support the structure also needs to be considered.

Gas Welding

Gas welding is not only one of the oldest methods for welding structures, but also one of the most common types. So how does welding work, using the gas welding method? The process entails the combustion of acetylene through an oxygen stream. The gas created from this process is funneled to the point that needs to be welded through the use of a welding stick. The stick is ignited and produces a significantly hot flame, as high as 5,612 degrees Fahrenheit for high-alloy steels.

Man welding with protective helmet

Arc Welding

A different form of welding involves the melting of material using electricity instead of gas. An electrical arc will be attached to a ground wire and a power supply. The lead is then drawn away from the material, where an electrical arc will be produced. This arc produces heat, melting the material, and creating a weld point. This type of weld will have a distinct appearance that is created by the feeding of the filler into the joint by the welder. This method requires greater technique to ensure that the weld is strong.

Laser Welding

One of the most modern and most expensive forms of welding is laser welding. You may be wondering how does welding work using the laser method? A high energy laser beam is used to heat and fuse the material needed to create the weld. Due to the high-energy-density of a laser weld, better penetration of the material occurs, and a focused, smooth weld is often the result. This type of welding is most often used when speed and quality are of the greatest importance.

Answering the question, how does welding work, will largely depend on the method chosen to create the welding process. To determine the best process for your project, you will need to determine the materials being welded, the type of weld needed, and the cost you have budgeted for the project. Contact us today.