Creative Welding: Think Outside the (Metal) Box

With creative welding, you can make unexpected items that are useful, beautiful & original. Try these yourself or put us to work

A lot of people consider welding to be serious stuff, a way to join pipes or repair a vehicle frame. But there’s another side to the craft. With creative welding, you can make unexpected items that are useful, beautiful and original. Try these yourself or put a professional welder to work.


Weld metal slats to make a table. An all-metal table yields workshop-worthy strength, while a wooden top achieves a decorative look. Line a garage wall with welded shelves. Put together a wine rack. Construct a chair with an artistic back. Make a picnic table bench with a metal or a split-log seat. Give yourself some bookshelves with slatted sides and wooden shelving.


You don’t have to buy slats, sheets, and rods; scrap materials can be repurposed. Old tools you’ve planned to discard

– wrenches, hammerheads, vices, washers, nuts, and bolts – can become something interesting. Even an old meat grinder can find new life. Bicycle parts such as chains, rings, and cogsets are fun to redeploy. Horseshoes are ever-popular for artistic projects.

Lawn and Garden

Make a gate, a trellis or a garden fence like no one else has. Fashion a garden hose holder from horseshoes. Create address numbers from bolts, nails and other hardware. Produce just anything imaginable in the way of garden art: a seahorse from a bicycle chain or a planter from an old bike frame.


Make a jewelry tree from common garage hardware. Fashion a candlestick holder. Build a pencil holder from nuts and washers. Form sheet metal into a metallic rose. Create a stained glass masterpiece with panes encased in welded metal.

Whether your project is outside the box, or a more practical job such as boat repair or custom-building a trailer hitch, Marvel’s Portable Welding (MPW) can deliver what you need. Contact Delmarva’s top welding shop and we’ll dispatch one of our fully-equipped trucks to tackle your job.