Benefits of Using a Mobile Crane

Using a mobile crane on a construction site offers many benefits that you cannot find with a tower crane.

One of the most obvious differences between the two is that you must install a tower crane in place while a mobile crane does not pose the limitation of remaining in one spot.

Mobile cranes are available in many sizes and types. The most basic type of mobile crane comes with a telescopic boom attached to its platform. A full-sized mobile crane, on the other hand, has the capacity for the operator to load it with various attachments to help him or her perform a wide range of tasks.

Benefits to Consider

You might not expect a mobile crane to be as strong as a tower crane because it is smaller. However, it has the same Crane Services by Marvel's Portable Weldingamount of power so you never have to worry about its strength. A mobile crane will deliver heavy materials to their destination with only a few maneuvers by the operator. Here are some other benefits you can expect when working with a mobile crane:

  • Flexibility: When working with multiple obstacles, a mobile crane allows for narrow passages when little entrance space is present. This allows you to finish the job faster because you do not have to work around obstructions.
  • Faster set-up time: The time to get a mobile crane set up on a job site is significantly less than that of a tower crane.
  • Less storage space required: There is no denying that cranes are large pieces of equipment that can be cumbersome to store when not in use. A mobile crane takes up less storage space compared to a tower crane.

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